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Digitize your sides, photographs & negatives

Restore & Preserve
Your Family Legacy!

Digitize your slides, photographs & negatives

A leading professional slide scanning and photo scanning service, Picture Perfect Scans utilizes state-of-the-art technology to scan your photographs, negatives and 35mm slides.

We also offer stereo slide scanning at a great price. Along with 2" x 2" negatives.

Digitize your sides, photographs & negatives professional slide scanning service

After we scan your photographs, slides and negatives we enhance each image manually, by our experienced digital artists to bring them back to their magnificent selves!

In addition to free enhancements, and free Digital Ice in every scan, our scanning service creates a free DVD Slide Show Presentation of your scanned images. You can enjoy sharing your photos with family and friends and save your precious memories for generations to come!

Picture Perfect Scanning Services

  • Offers High Resolution Scans
  • Enhance your vintage photos
  • Create music DVD slide shows of scanned images
  • Negative scanning
  • Slide scanning
  • Photo scanning
  • VHS transfers
  • Gift Certificate's make perfect gifts!

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professional slide scanning service 2x2 negatives
We scan 2x2 negatives

Digitize your Slides, Photographs and Negatives with our Scanning Service

Most people think their photos and 35mm slides are safely stored in boxes or photo albums. The reality is they have suffered damage over the years from dust, mold, humidity, and the ravages of time. And they continue to deteriorate more and more each day.

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Quality Results

We pride ourselves in supreme value, supreme service, and supreme experience in scanning, enhancement and restoration of your precious media, professionally and economically.  We know all there is to know about pleasing our clients and getting it right.  Thousands of delighted clients from coast to coast agree our scanning service is first-rate!  


Our clients want brilliant, digital results.  Our scanning service provides high quality, high resolution slide scanning, photo scanning and negative scanning delivered to you on CD/DVD or USB Port.

With our high resolution scans you get clarity and size so you can enlarge your pictures to poster size, enjoy your digital media on your computer and large screen TV, and make vibrant digital photo albums without losing quality. We offer 3000 and 4000 dpi resolution for your 35mm slide scanning and negative scanning. For photo scanning our 600 dpi is perfect for large, sharp pictures.

Please e-mail Dianne, our talented digital artist with any questions.

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We are located in Port Jefferson Station, Long Island, NY

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picture perfect scans professional slide scanning service

35mm Slide Scanning

Slide scanning and negative scanning is a delicate and intricate process. After manually brushing off surface dust on each 35mm slide with a camel hair brush, we scan in high resolution Jpeg format.

After Slides, Negatives and Photos are scanned we review each image in Photoshop CS3 where manual adjustments are made. We adjust color, clarity, reduce red eye, improve overall light balance and shadow enhancement. In order to give you the perfect picture perfect scan the images are rotated and hand cropped to the edge of the frame.  We also scan slides and negatives in TIFF format upon request. 

Standard scanning prices are based on quantity and resolution, either 2000, 3000 or 4000 dpi, for slides and negatives. Please see slide scanning pricing, or click for negative scanning pricing.

Standard photo scanning prices are based on quantity and resolution, 300 or 600 dpi. Please see photo scanning pricing, or click photo pricing.

All scans include Digital Ice, to illuminate most dust and scratches. 

For our clients who would prefer to do your own editing in Photoshop or other editing software our Basic Non-Enhanced Scanning is perfect for you. 

Please note: Basic Non-Enhanced Scanning does not include cropping or straightening. 2-4 pictures are scanned on Epson Professional flatbed scanner.  You need photo editing software to crop and enhance scanned images.

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Artist Scanning Service

This service is for artists who would like pictures of their artwork scanned, enhanced and digitized to DVD.
Please see artist scanning pricing.


Scanning Service offers superior slide scanning, photo scanning and negative scanning delivered on DVD.

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